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What’s new in v2.0.0

Posted 7 years ago by simon

Version 2.0.0 has been a long time in the making, it’s been about 2 years since I started work on it. Between moving cities and various other commitments it lagged behind. But it’s finally here and it’s packed full of new stuff.

The entire application has been rewritten from scratch. There was so much old iOS 2.0 code that it was easier to start again. This allowed me to add the following new features:

National Radar

Included in the app now is the national radar/satellite map. With the press of a button you can get an overview of weather patterns across the entire country.

Location Display

If you have location services enabled, and the device is able to locate your position. Your current location is now displayed on the radar. A throbbing circle is displayed when your location is first displayed, and again if your location updates.

Next Closest Radar

Sometimes radar hardware fails, when this happens the radar is down. Previously the app would just give an error. Now when a radar is detected as having no files a prompt is displayed to go to the next closest radar in the list. Next Closest Radar

On Launch to speed up interaction

There are now several options for the on launch settings. On application launch instead of having to select a radar, you can have either your top favorite radar load, or the last radar you visited. If you travel lots, then you can select the closest radar and on launch the application will determine your location and load you straight into the closest radar with the correct range selected.

Radar Layers

As on the http://www.bom.gov.au/ website you can now toggle the extra layers for a radar on or off in the settings menu. These layers include Observations, Topography, Roads, Railway Lines, River Basin, Water Ways, and Weather Districts.

Updated Icons/Graphics

The legends and the icons on all of the pages have been updated to use retina display quality graphics. The radar images themselves are still the same quality as these are generated by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and cannot be upgraded.

Automatic Updating of Radar List

Previously if one of the radars went down or a new radar came online. A new version of the application would need to be released. With this version, the app checks for updates to the radar list, and if found it will automatically update the list without need for a new app version.

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