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Why has the national radar stopped working in version 2.1.1?
From time to time the BOM change stuff on their website and as a result things break. This is one of those times. A fix as been submitted to apple and I expect it to be out in the next day or so (today is 8th October 2014). Once this new version is out the national radar will start working again. Sorry for the issues!

Why does version v2.0.2 and lower not work anymore?!?!
Due to a change on the www.bom.gov.au website, my app is unable to download the images anymore. This isn’t BOMs fault this is a bug in my code. I’ve adjusted the code and requested an expedited review by apple and they are reviewing it now. Once v2.0.3 is out upgrading to it will restore the applications functionality. Sorry about the hassles!

Why was the name changed from BOMRadar to RainRadarAU?
I received a formal letter from the Bureau of Meteorology stating that they believe the word ‘BOM’ is theirs and they do not want anyone who is writing third party apps using it in application titles. So I have changed the name to something that doesn’t have ‘BOM’ in the title.

Will you be making an iPad version?
Currently it’s not on my list of high priorities, but I am investigating the possibility. I’m still not sure if that will be a universal app or a separate HD app. It will depend on how much time it takes to create the iPad version. But for now, I’m sorry but iPhone/iTouch is it.

How do I get the images for my area that isn’t in Australia?
Sorry, but this application is designed for Australia only. The reason it is on all of the app stores is I’d rather people have the choice not to download it, then to never be able to get it. Also I have lots of Australian friends overseas that like to keep track of things in AU. So if I restricted it they couldn’t grab it.

What does it mean by “(pt) part-time” radar?
Radars that have (part-time) beside them are taken off line 4 times a day to track weather balloons. For more information about this can be found on Part-Time Windfinding Radars on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Do you work for Bureau of Meteorology?
No, I have no affiliation with the Bureau of Meteorology. I have spoken to BOM about the use of the images and I have been advised that my use of the images is fine, but apart from that I have no affiliation  with BOM at all.

Why is the time on the radar images 10+ or more hours old?
The images are stamped with UTC time. This is current time without timezone applied. For example, if you live in brisbane and it is 4:40pm, you are +10 hours from UTC so the timestamps on the images will be 06:40UTC. The times displayed under the image show the local time of the first and last images in the series.

Do you use any 3rd party libraries in your app?
The following external libraries are used in RainRadarAU:

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